Updated: Sep 1, 2020

COVID stresses all of us as we approach the October 6 election. What we can do, what we must do, is accept that this is a tough time and pull together to lift up those who are hurting the most. Those who have lost jobs, who are scared for family members, who are stressed about shopping or even going outside.

As we isolate, we rely on the Internet for our social survival. But there are citizens who cannot afford the internet or the devices that use the internet. However they must have them in order to communicate and participate in school and government.

COVID has shown us that we need stronger Borough infrastructure, better WiFi, and better distance technology in our borough assembly chamber. COVID money is available to spend on improvements to communication technology. This may include the addition of public WiFi, support for radio and its collaboration with our educators and emergency response teams, and a video-teleconferencing set-up in the Assembly Chambers. All of these are higher priority than a $200,000 morgue. It is unlikely that COVID victims will die in our little town, since they will be sent to a hospital for care.

I will bring fiscal prudence, thoughtfulness and kindness back to the Borough Assembly.

Times are tough. So am I.

Vote Alten for Assembly on October 6.

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