Running for Assembly, a new adventure

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

In the Adventure Capital of Alaska, running for Assembly is a new adventure for me. It is especially adventurous in the time of COVID, when going door-to-door, holding a meet-the-candidate party, or shaking hands and sharing drinks in the Brewery are all risky behaviors.

The adventure continues for me as I do what so many parents are doing, juggling job-hunting, COVID prevention, and school for my children. This week I took my daughter, Aurora,to college for the first time. Our 24 hours of travel required face masks the entire time. We arrived early on Wednesday morning in Philadelphia, after a few hours of sleep on the red eye flight. We were a few days early, so we could adjust to the time difference, the high heat and humidity, and purchase items for her room that didn't fit in two suitcases.

All Haines parents will recognize the logistics we undergo these days to get our children educated. Some are juggling the day on/day off schedule of the school. Some are home schooling alone or in a pod of friends. And some of us are taking our newly made adults and helping them on their next step to independence.

Times are tough. So am I. I will do my best to reduce the fear and stress that COVID brought to Haines. Together we can make a difference in our Valley.

Vote Alten for Assembly on October 6.

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